In Good Spirits Sage Spray

In Good Spirits Sage Spray


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This sage smudging spray was made with pure love and good intention. It is a wonderful smokeless alternative to smudging your home or work space. The ingredients work together to ward off any negative energies to help cleanse your space and provide positive energy.
It may be used around your body as well, with suggestion to spray at arm‘s length away toward your body. This spray may also be used to cleanse crystals or other divination tools.
Each 4oz Amber bottle is also infused with a clear crystal quartz.


Moon Water: This can be used as a type of blessing water. It has many energetic and magical purposes. 

Frankincense: Promotes a sense of peace, relaxation and grounding.

Lavender: This is used to help “wash away” negative energies of the object, space or person you wish to cleanse.

Sage: This is an effective way to help cleanse a space of negative energy. It also enhances intuition.

Clear Quartz: Protects against negative energy.

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